Thormodssker lighthouse

Thormod´s skerry lighthouse

Þormóðssker (Thormod´s skerry) is located in Faxaflói out of Mýrar, north of Akranes in Iceland. Þormóðssker is the southernmost and...
The Bjargtangar Lighthouse in Iceland

The Bjargtangar Lighthouse in Iceland

The Bjargtangar Lighthouse (Icelandic: Bjargtangaviti) is a lighthouse located on the cliffs of Látrabjarg in northwestern Iceland. It marks the...
Dyrholaey lighthouse in Iceland

Dyrholaey lighthouse in Iceland

The light station at Dyrhólaey was established in 1910. The first lighthouse was a skeletal steel tower prefabricated in Sweden....
Reykjanesviti poster prints

Reykjanesviti Lighthouse

The first lighthouse in Iceland was built on Valahnúkur in Reykjanes in the year 1878. By 1905 earthquakes and surf...
Akranes mountain framed poster


Akranes was settled in the 9th century by the brothers Þormóður and Ketill, sons of Bresi. They came from Ireland....

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